Dennis M. – Los Angeles, CA

Greg Madore has been my concierge tech support for about 4 years. During that time he also helped my wife, an artist who has limited experience with technology. Having worked with high-tech companies since 1995, I have known a lot of people who do tech support. Greg is one of the most intelligent trouble-shooters I’ve known. What makes him unique: he is also socially astute and exceptionally articulate. His energy is relentlessly positive. With his voice and demeanor, he calms things down, regardless of the surrounding chaos. I believe Greg is a natural-born teacher; someone with infinite patience and the ability to explain anything to anybody in ways that match their own level of understanding. It doesn’t surprise me that Apple offered him a managerial position. On his own or in an organization, there are a lot of things Greg Madore can accomplish in this brave new world, and I wish him the best of luck.