About TECH90

Hello from Southern California. My home since 2006.

Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of my baby (Mac)! It is running so incredibly fast, I can’t even comprehend the fact that I lived with anything else!

All the best.

Kelly N. - Westwood, CA

What is TECH90?

TECH90 is an Independent Technology consulting firm started in 2006 by me…Gregory Madore. I work very hard on helping residential and micro-business staff members to use their technology equipment and resolve issues with that equipment when they infallibly appear. My primary focus is on support and troubleshooting services as well as website design and implementation. Our clients primarily include families and small businesses, and thanks to our remote support capabilities, we regularly assist people across the United States and even overseas.

After completing my degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and spending many years performing tech support functions in both the higher education and the burgeoning retail technology world, I decided to strike out on my own. In the early years TECH90 was known as SoundSpeed Computer Consulting. I spent equal time behind a repair desk completing computer troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades and working as a Production Audio Recordist for several projects here in Southern California.

TECH90 is not affiliated in any way with any OEM manufacturers of hardware or software. As a result, I make recommendations that are based on experience rather than resale contracts. In addition, because of the fact that I exist solely as a customer service provider, I can schedule services usually for the same day you are having a problem and often times can resolve your issue almost immediately once I receive your request.

My web design and implementation work has successfully launched small businesses and I have provided guidance regarding the web and social media for individuals, events and corporations all over the world. Here are just a few of the companies we’ve worked with over the years:

My mission is to assist people in making technology a part of their lives, not allow technology problems to run their lives.

TECH90 is a simple company and I adhere to a very simple philosophy.

Honesty is the best policy. I will never knowingly provide information that is not factually sound. I will always try to provide relevant and researched facts whenever possible.

Follow the law. This one is occasionally difficult to understand in today’s world of online file-sharing and complex licensing agreements. I am committed to following the law. I will not knowingly provide a means to acquire or transfer material that is owned by another individual. In addition, I will at all times, to the best of my ability, honor the licensing agreements as set forth by those companies that author the software and hardware that my customers use. Therefore, if you are looking for assistance in performing a function that violates the policies of another individual or company, Tech90 is not going to be able to help. That being said, feel free to ask me for assistance, and I will of course let you know if what you are trying to do does indeed violate another individual or company’s policies.

Always treat my customers how I would expect to be treated. This is at the heart of my company and I believe it to be inalienable; that all parties involved in a transaction deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. If you feel as though I haven’t lived up to my end of this agreement, please let me know so I can address the problem immediately.

Provide solutions to problems not just answers to questions. Too often, when someone has what seems to be a very simple problem, the question that is asked infallibly leads to many other potential questions. I always try to do my best to be thorough and to foresee potential future hang ups, rather than simply performing a task that may solve today’s problem but lead to additional problems tomorrow. Many times I am the best person to provide these solutions for my customers, other times I may recommend other providers. Either way, I am always thinking about what is in the best interest of my customers for today and for the future.

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