Personal thoughts on Steve Jobs’ Passing

To all:

Many of you know I worked for Apple, Inc. during its Renaissance. That truly is what Steve Jobs has done in my lifetime. He ushered in a true Renaissance of technological innovation that I’ve had the pleasure to witness and be a part of throughout my life. My generation is one of the luckiest generations to remember life before personal computing and to ride the wave of the glorious (and at times tumultuous) rise of several great companies that have brought us to where we all are today. Without the personal computing industry that Steve Jobs had a hand in founding, my company would have little reason to exist.

Like many of us today, I’ve taken some time to put some thought into my own feelings following this great loss. Steve Jobs (while having his own way of doing things) was someone I have looked up to for much of my adult life. He had a way of being able to see the bigger picture and the greater good within people that sometimes even they themselves couldn’t see. He inspired all of us that worked for the companies that he was a part of, to be better than we ever thought we could be. I never actually met Steve, but the products his companies have created over the years and the ways in which he introduced them made it seem like he was creating those products just for you and I. Call it charisma, call it arrogance, call it whatever you want. His influence in computing, design, art, entertainment, music and many many other industries is undeniable.

I can’t begin to think of where the world would be if Steve Jobs hadn’t been a part of it and I wish his family peace during this difficult time. He has given so many people a voice that might have spent their entire lives voiceless. We have all lost many people close to us this year, and at this time I can only think of how Steve would want us to honor his memory. It is simply to keep doing the best we can to seek inspiration for ourselves and to share that inspiration with others. Learn something new today, and teach something new to someone else. The sun is a little brighter today and I hope Mr. Jobs is at peace knowing he has touched all of our lives.

Gregory Madore