I am the Art Director of AEG Live, a large concert promotions company. As such I am in charge of a series of graphics machines, all of which are Macintosh. Everything from G4s to newer Mac Intels.

We have used Gregory Madore to initialize systems (install all the necessary software and make sure our network connections are working), troubleshoot problems as they arise, and in general help us keep our machines working 24/7.

I highly recommend him as an all-around Mac specialist. I have tried other “Mac experts” and we keep coming back to Greg.

What we like about him:
Him – he’s a very nice guy
Scheduling – he is very good about working with our time constraints
Timely – repairs are done in a timely manner
Rates – very reasonable for his level of expertise

I also run a Digidesign studio at home and have asked his advice about that, system upgrades here at work, anything Macintosh. What I really like about his advice – he is conservative, making sure that the steps taken will lead to a machine that runs 24/7. He does not recommend all the latest software and hardware unless it’s going to seamlessly work.

I wholeheartedly recommend him for any of your Macintosh issues.

Paul C.
AEG Live