Briggs & Associates Testimonial

While he was walking his dog at night, Greg solved my problem. That’s the kind of dedication and commitment to his clients he offers. He doesn’t clock out at 5 and then punch back in the next day. Greg takes his work seriously and the need of his clients are a priority—no matter what time of day or what his other duties are (like walking his darling dog Honey). He goes above and beyond expectations, is always responsive to requests and needs, and does it all with a calm demeanor. He explains things in a way that a non-technical person like me can understand. And when I simply don’t want to try to understand, he’ll take care of the technical problems and let me concentrate on my work. I think Greg is a rock star and recommend him highly.

Margaret H. Briggs, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Board Recognized Specialist in Child Language
Executive Director Briggs & Associates