LogMeIn Rescue

by LogMeIn, Inc.

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Developer's Description

LogMeIn Rescue is a powerful, easy-to-use remote support solution comprised of three main components: a Technician Console, a Customer Applet, and an Administration Center.

The Technician Console is the online interface used by support technicians to conduct remote support sessions. Technicians can initiate new sessions or respond to online customer requests waiting in a shared queue.

With the customer's permission, this small Application file automatically downloads to the remote PC. It's the interface through which technicians communicate with customers and conduct remote support. The applet automatically removes itself from the remote PC at session conclusion.

This intuitive online interface is used by administrators to create and assign permissions for other administrators, technicians, and groups. Administrators can also create support channels — web-based links that automatically connect customers to technicians — and assign them to specific groups.

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How I Use It

I use LogMeIn Rescue to save my customer's time and money and to respond to their needs more quickly. I am based in sunny and very traffic-laden Southern California; I would never be able to get to all of my customer's needs, if I had to navigate the streets of Los Angeles every time they had a question. This tool allows me to remotely connect to their device, and I can see what they see and I can usually answer their questions within moments, rather than needing to schedule an onsite session hours or days later.