Missing vmware-rawdiskCreator

Recently a client notified me that her long used laptop had decided to call it quits. It was at least 6 years old and while it most likely could’ve been fixed, she was ready to move on to something in this decade. She was looking to switch to a Mac and I facilitated the purchase of a shiny new MacBook Pro 13-inch with a 256GB SSD.

The issue was that since the old machine would no longer turn on, using the data migration tools in Lion wouldn’t work. I had heard about this procedure to create a Virtual Machine from a physical drive, but unfortunately, when I attempted to access the vmware-rawdiskCreator I received an error message stating “command not found”. Now this makes total sense, because at the path recommended in the above link, there is no vmware-rawdiskCreator.

It appears as though VMWare moved the location of the vmware-rawdiskCreator application to within the VMWare Fusion.app application package. For anyone looking for it, it can be found here:

/Applications/VMware Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmware-rawdiskCreator

It works just as well as it used to, it is just a little tougher to find.