FamilyShield by OpenDNS

FamilyShield LogoI just received a little snippet of info from my old alma mater about a product called “FamilyShield” by the well known DNS supplier OpenDNS. On many occasions, we receive questions from people about family safety on the web. They generally take the form of one of the following:

  • How can I stop my children from seeing things on the web that aren’t appropriate for their age?
  • Is there a way to help stop viruses and spyware from getting onto my system?
  • For some reason, my internet doesn’t feel as fast as it should, are their ways to speed it up?
  • I think my child might be navigating to inappropriate sites on the web is there an easy, cost-effective way to prevent it?

I’d like to introduce FamilyShield. This is a FREE service that offers answers to many of these types of questions. Instead of routing Domain Name Service (DNS) requests through your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) DNS Servers, it routs them through OpenDNS’s Servers thus allowing commonly known sites that cause issues for younger viewers to be blocked without any additional update or cost requiring software.

For those of you that need more control or monitoring OpenDNS offers a complete array of services that provide more functionality with a web based control panel (fees may apply). Here is a link to the OpenDNS product list that lists OpenDNS Basic (also free) which should handle pretty much all residential users that need something a little more than “FamilyShield”.

Feel free to Contact Us should you need assistance getting this important service setup in your environment.