Kelly N.

To accurately articulate why I am so grateful to Greg, I feel it necessary to explain the extent in which he helped me.

My [laptop] crashed. As a college student, loosing everything on my laptop felt like the end of the world and I was devastated. [Another service provider] told me that to retrieve the files would cost around $2,000 with no guarantee they could even get any of it back. Then I [met] Greg.

On the phone, I explained to him that I [was on a tight budget]. He offered to meet me at a coffee shop and look over the computer, and evaluate what he thought the problem was. I was reluctant because as a female, I have been in several situations where the computer technician assumed I didn’t know much about computers and overcharged me for doing little to no work; but the first second I met Greg I trusted him. He looked over my computer, and spent time actually explaining the way computers work internally, and specifically what the problem was. He asked to take it home with him and see if he could restore some of the files. He even went as far as to go … and pick up a new hard drive and memory for me. Less than 24 hours later, he called me to tell me it was ready. Not only did he get every file off the broken hard drive and put it on an external one, but he even put it all back onto my computer for me. I basically had a brand new laptop.

About a week after having my computer fixed and running perfectly, I was sitting outside a coffee shop when a man stole my laptop right out of my hands. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck. My mom gave me her [laptop] to use except that it wasn’t working either. So once again I called up Greg. At that point, I was feeling so low and kept thinking, “How can my luck be this bad?” It seemed absolutely impossible that anyone could make me feel better about the situation; but Greg did. Once again we met and I showed him my mom’s computer. In less than an hour, he had it working perfectly with all my files back on it. And of course that created relief, but what really affected me was his compassion. He understood the emotional connection we have with our computers and helped to make the situation as easy for me as possible. I left our meeting that day smiling for the first time in about a week and the computer hasn’t had a single problem since.

So if I were to sum up what is so great about Greg’s company is his knowledge of computers, willingness to explain the process, dedication to fixing the problem quickly, and in my opinion, the most important, is his genuine concern and care for his clients. I would recommend him to any person I meet because I know he would give them the exact same wonderful experience that he gave me.

Kelly N.
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising